Verance Consulting

We’ll get to know you, identify your sales challenges and provide a plan to reach your goals.

Understand Your Clients

Your clients are all different. So why do you have the same sales conversation with everyone?

Crack your personality code in under 90 seconds and get a complimentary personality report.

Results-Driven Skills

We’ll teach you how to uncover your client’s needs, have a more impactful sales conversation, nurture the relationship and increase your results.

Sales Consulting

You have sales challenges. We have answers and strategic insights to grow your business. Verance Consulting provides solutions to improve your performance and increase results.

Sales Coaching

Verance Consulting will teach you how to become a top sales performer. One-to-one coaching provides sales growth more quickly than doing it on your own.

Sales Training

Verance Consulting teaches traditional selling skills as well as personality sales training courses designed to determine buying behavior and adapt your sales approach for maximum results.

I am not good at sales so I recently hired Shelly Pereira with Verance Consulting. Our conversion rate, which was stuck at 25% for the last year, has gone over 40% already and is still climbing, as we get better at the sales process she taught us. That’s a super quick payback and a massive long-term ROI. Thanks Shelly!

Ethan Chandler

Owner, Phoenix Fitness & Martial Arts

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B.A.N.K. Predicts Buying Behavior & Increases Sales Results.

Personality matters in sales. Study reveals being able to quickly determine the “buying personality” of prospective buyers makes a sale significantly more likely! B.A.N.K. teaches you how to identify your prospect in the first 90 seconds and a simple system to customize your sales pitch for maximum results. Download the game-changing results in our complimentary white paper executive summary now!