Your prospect drives buying decisions more than ever before. Selling has changed from the salesperson having all the answers to your prospect researching what they need and narrowing their choices before contacting a company or salesperson. Salespeople must adapt. No one wants to be sold to. Buyers want to be educated and helped to make the right decision. Continuing with a traditional selling approach is not in your best interest. Old school strategies and tactics don’t work anymore.

Selling is educating, solving problems and providing solutions that are in your buyer’s best interest. Selling is not about you making your next sale. Win more customers when you focus on what the buyer needs, develop more effective questions, solve their problem and ask for the business.

5 Prospect Sales Tips Win More Business

Prospect Needs Win More Business

Your prospect has a problem. Do you know what it is? Find the pain and close more business.

  1. Focus on what the prospect needs. There is so much information available today. Your prospects can easily research products, services and your competition before they reach out to you. They don’t care if you give them your best sales presentation. What they do care about is your ability to identify their challenges and provide the right solution to solve their problem.
  2. Learn to ask high-value questions. The best salespeople ask great questions. Start with simple questions to get them talking about themselves. Then move into strategic business questions to uncover needs and identify problems. Don’t waste the prospect’s time by asking the obvious. Do your research to learn more about the prospect, company and industry before your meeting. Speak their language. Use open-ended questions, who, what, when, where and how. Ask questions that will get your prospect thinking and see their challenge in a different way. Develop your strategy before you get in front of the prospect and increase results with more thought-provoking questions.
  3. No one buys features. Features are the facts and details about your products or service. Salespeople tend to share their product knowledge, talk about themselves and their company and lose sight of what the prospect actually needs. What’s in it for them? How will your product or service benefit them?
  4. Find the pain. Every prospect has a unique problem. Find their problem and uncover the pain. What happens if they don’t solve the problem? What does it cost them to continue on their current path? Become a valued consultant. Solve their problem. Teach them something they didn’t know before meeting with you. Show them a new approach.
  5. Ask for the business. Remember to ask for the business may sound silly to some, but it is amazing how many times a salesperson doesn’t try to close the sale. If you solved their problem, it is a natural next step to ask for the business. And, remember, if you don’t discover the pain and present a solution that will solve your prospect’s problem, they will not buy.

Shelly Pereira is a sales consultant and trainer with Verance Consulting.

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