Selling is about educating, solving problems and providing solutions. Selling is NOT about making your next sale. I spent my sales career focusing on what was in the best interest of my client and it served me well. The following sales tips will help you win more business when you focus on what your prospects need, develop more effective questions, solve their problem and ask for the business.

5 Sales Tips to Help You Win More Business

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Your potential client has a problem. Do you know what it is? Find out and close more business.

  1. Focus on what the prospect needs. Many prospects research products, services and companies before they reach out to a salesperson. They are looking for a solution to a problem. Prospects don’t care if you give the best sales presentation ever, what they do care about is, have you identified their challenges and will your product resolve it.
  2. Learn to ask great questions. The best salespeople ask great questions. Start with simple questions to get them talking about themselves. Then move into strategic business questions. Don’t waste the prospect’s time by asking the obvious questions. Do your pre-call research to learn more about the prospect, company and industry before your meeting. Speak their language. Use open-ended questions, who, what, when, where, why, how. Know your strategy and questions before you get in front of the prospect.
  3. No one buys features. Features are the facts and details about your products or service. When you speak in terms of features, your meeting becomes all about you and your products. Many salespeople have a tendency to lose the prospect because they get so focused on explaining the cool features your product has to offer they lose sight of what the prospect actually needs.What’s in it for them? Instead, talk about how the benefits of your product or service will help your potential client.
  4. Find the pain.  Every potential client has a unique problem. Find the problem and uncover the pain. Find out what it is costing the company to continue on their current path. Advise the prospect how you can help solve their problem. Show them the ROI. Become a valued consultant by providing the necessary information and guidance.
  5. Ask for the business. Remember to ask for the business may sound silly to some, but it is amazing how many times a salesperson doesn’t feel comfortable closing. If you solved their problem, it is a natural next step to ask for the business. When you don’t discover or solve their problem, you will not sell them, and, this leads to your reluctance to close.

Shelly Pereira is a sales coach and trainer with Verance Consulting.