How you spend your time on revenue generating activities is in direct proportion to your sales results. Time is your most precious resource. Your ability to manage your time effectively can be the difference between success and failure. You have ultimate control over how you spend your days. The tips below will help you stay focused on the sales activities that lead to success.

Verance Consulting Revenue Generating Activities

Focus on revenue generating activities.

7 Sales Tips Focus on Revenue Generating Activities

  1. Develop a plan. Do not begin your day, month or year without a plan. Successful people are planners. A plan will allow you to remain focused and be more productive throughout the day. Studies show you are much more effective when you create your to do list the night before.
  2. Revenue generating activities are your first priority. These are your most important tasks of the day. Meeting with qualified prospects, giving demos and making sales presentations should be number one on your list. Making your prospect phone calls to schedule these meetings is equally as critical.
  3. Schedule prospecting time. Add 1-3 prospecting appointments in your calendar. The actual number will depend on your industry and the amount of new business you need to generate. It is generally best to schedule your prospecting session in the morning. For most people, if you save prospecting until the end of the day, you will not do it.
  4. Batch all your tasks. Group your tasks and do them at the same time. Send all your emails together, or automate when possible. Follow up on outstanding quotes or proposals in one session. Making phone calls to new prospects back to back will allow you to be much more productive and get better with each phone call.
  5. Email. Schedule time during your day to respond to email for example twice a day. Do not start your day answering emails. Do not keep your email open all day as it is too distracting.
  6. Social media. If you don’t use social media as a business tool, don’t post, like or tweet during the business day. If you do use social media for lead generation, schedule time in your calendar, set a timer and quit when it goes off. Without a timer, you may think you are going to spend 15-30 minutes and the next thing you know you have lost an hour or more.
  7. Stay focused. Take small breaks throughout the day to maintain your focus. Walk around the block. Walk down the hall. Walk away from your computer. Stretch. You will have renewed focus when you return to your desk.

Spend your time on the tasks that will actually move the needle and make money for you and your company. Selling requires consistent action. Manage your time, increase your activity level and achieve greater results.

Shelly Pereira is a Sales Consultant and Sales Trainer with Verance Consulting.