What is the BANK personality system?

The BANK personality system is the missing link in the sales process. B.A.N.K.™ provides the ability to quickly and accurately identify your prospect and understand what they value when making buying decisions. BANK is a reverse-engineered profiling tool designed to improve your communication, accelerate negotiations and close sales faster.

BANK personality system has been well tested in the marketplace, is scientifically proven and is a powerful tool in helping you close more business. BANK is having tremendous global growth and has users in over 40 countries.

What does the word BANK mean?

BANK is an acronym for the four different personality types: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge.

BANK is personality based, people focused and profit driven.

What makes the BANK personality system different than other personality-based profiling systems?

BANK personality system may appear to be similar on the surface but it is completely different. Most personality programs are based in psychology and focus on who YOU are. BANK is the only personality system developed to quickly identify the “other” person. When it comes to selling, it is not about you. It is all about your prospect. The BANK personality system is based on “buyology” or the science of Why they Buy. BANK provides a simple method to determine what your prospect values before you begin your sales conversation.

What is a BANKCode™?

Everyone has a unique personality type or what is called your BANKCode™ in the BANK personality system. While we are made up of all four personality codes, we have one predominant type. BANK developed a set of Value Cards, which can be quickly sorted in order of priority, from what you value most to what you value least, revealing your personal BANK Code™.

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What professionals use the BANK personality system?

  • Salespeople
  • Inside sales
  • Direct sales
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Customer service
  • Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Learning & Development
  • Talent Management
  • Human Resources

What are the BANK personality training courses and how are they offered?

BANK personality sales training offers three signature courses: BANK Fundamentals™, BANK Speed Coding™ and BANK Power Scripting™. BANK training is taught live by a licensed a certified trainer or online via our virtual training system, BANKCODEVT™. Online training is available for individuals and companies.

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What are the benefits of the BANK personality training system?

  • A better understanding of how to communicate, negotiate and close more sales
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Connect faster and easier with prospects and customers
  • Improved communication among your team members
  • Accelerated new customer acquisition
  • Increased retention of your customers and team members
  • Better focus on value… determine what adds the most value in your everyday interactions with your customers and prospects
  • Increased personal productivity and a focus on developing high- performing teams
  • Deliver powerful presentations using the right sales scripts
  • Close sales faster

How will learning the BANK personality system help you in sales?

Most salespeople have one rehearsed sales pitch that they give to everyone. Many great salespeople intuitively adapt their sales style such as mirroring your prospect, reading non-verbal cues and body language and matching their energy level (i.e. introverted vs extroverted, soft spoken or loud). BANK personality system provides the tools to pinpoint your prospect’s buying values in the first 90 seconds of a sales interaction then teaches you how to customize your sales pitch to tap into their unique needs.

Verance Consulting BANK Personality System

The BANK personality system takes adaptive selling to the next level.

BANK will help you:

  • Speak the language of your prospect by understanding what is important to them
  • Customize your presentations based on how prospects make buying decisions
  • Understand the most effective negotiation path for each prospect
  • Forge deeper connections with customers to increase retention and referrals
  • Uncover buying behaviors and win more customers



Who can help us apply the BANK personality methodology to our business?

Verance Consulting works with companies to apply the BANK personality methodology to develop custom sales scripts, sales pitches, sales tools and sales and marketing messages geared to inside and outside sales teams, customer service or anyone in a customer-facing role.

Does the BANK personality system have a white paper?

Yes, an independent study by Dr. Ryan T. Howell at San Francisco State University reveals that being able to quickly pinpoint the “buying personality” of prospective buyers makes a sale significantly more likely!

Check out the game-changing study results in our free white paper executive summary now!

Where can I learn more about BANK personality training?

Shelly Pereira, is a Sales Consultant and Licensed and Certified BANK Personality Sales Trainer with Verance Consulting.

B.A.N.K.™, BANKCode™, B.A.N.K. Fundamentals™, B.A.N.K. Speed Coding™, BANK Power Scripting™, B.A.N.K. Methodology Personality Profiling System™ are licensed trademarks of BANKCODE.