Salespeople often ask me about the secret to sales success. Many want the easy button. So, what is the key, the secret to success? The simple strategy to achieving your goals is to know your numbers and perform the sales activities required to hit those numbers. Ok you now have the secret. So, here comes the hard part, and what sets the top salespeople apart, you actually have to be committed to do the work. As they say, if selling were easy, everyone would be in sales. To be successful, you need to stay focused and work diligently everyday on the high-value sales activities that will move you closer to your goal. It is also helpful to make sure you are selling a product or service that you really believe in and are passionate about. It is what makes selling fun and rewarding.

Planning is not a favorite task for many people. You may have heard “vague goals produce vague results.” And, Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Wouldn’t you prefer to determine where you want to go and get the roadmap to give you the results you want?

When it comes to goals, people generally fall into a few different categories. Which one are you?

Verance Consulting Know your numbers to achieve sales goals

Know your numbers and sales activities to avoid the frustration of not meeting your goals.

  • You don’t set goals.
  • You set goals but don’t have a plan or strategy.
  • You set goals and have a detailed plan and strategy. Good for you!

Know Your Numbers and 5 Steps to Achieve Your Sales Goals

  1. Review last year’s numbers. Where did your revenue come from? How many clients did you need to achieve your sales number? What is the average spend per client? (Total revenue/total number of clients billed=spend per client). Can you sell more to your existing clients? You may only have a small percentage of their annual spend. What additional value, services or products can you provide?
  2. Determine your annual sales or revenue goal. After reviewing last years total sales, your new goal may be a 10-25% increase. What percentage of new sales will come from existing business vs new business?
  3. Determine the number of new clients needed to meet your goal. (Sales goal-new business with existing clients/average annual spend per client=number of new clients needed)
  4. Determine the number of meetings, sales presentations or demos needed to meet your goal. (Number of new clients/closing ratio=number of meetings)
  5. Determine the number of leads needed to meet goal. (Number of meetings/closing ratio=number of leads)

Don’t want to do the math, no problem….try our know your numbers sales calculator. It will do the work for you to determine the number of meetings, leads and customers required to meet your goals as well as your annual, quarterly and monthly targets in each of the above areas.

Achieving your goals is much easier when you know your numbers and the key selling activities needed to get there. Post your monthly and weekly targets where you can see them everyday. I suggest tracking your monthly sales numbers on a white board in your office.

Shelly Pereira is a sales consultant and trainer with Verance Consulting.

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