Salespeople and entrepreneurs tend to spend too much time on non-selling sales activities which can cause you to fall short of your goals. Let’s face it, these tasks are easier to tackle and no one will say “no” when you are busy creating your plan, building your prospect list, and updating the CRM. Don’t confuse activity and productivity. There is a direct connection between prospecting and sales results. Let’s look at the difference between non-selling and high-value sales activities.

verance consulting non-selling sales activities

Last time I checked, gaming is not on the list of high-value sales activities.




High-Value Sales Activities

There is only so much time each day when your prospects are available to meet or talk with you on the phone. Don’t waste these key selling hours working on administrative tasks. Perform revenue generating sales activities during peak selling time. High-value sales activities include:

  • Prospecting calls to schedule meetings with qualified buyers
  • Follow up phone calls to close deals on outstanding quotes & proposals
  • Meetings with qualified prospects (sales presentations and demos)
  • Discussing new opportunities with current clients

Non-Selling Activities

Most people spend too much time focused on non-revenue generators. Perform your non-selling activities early in the morning and late in the day. These tasks include:

  • Updating the CRM
  • Doing prospect research
  • Creating prospect lists
  • Social selling
  • Email prospecting
  • Pre-call planning
  • Responding to emails
  • Creating presentations
  • Developing proposals & contracts
  • Entering new orders into the system
  • Creating reports
  • Planning and organizing

What percentage of your day is spent on non-selling tasks? There is nothing more uplifting than having a successful week with qualified buyers. Selling requires continued action on high-value sales activities. Increase efficiency and productivity with revenue generators to keep your pipeline full and drive results.

Shelly Pereira is a sales consultant and trainer with Verance Consulting.