Savvy Selling with Shelly Pereira

Savvy Selling conversation with Shelly Pereira helps small businesses learn more about sales, generating qualified leads, nurturing, personality and fractional sales management. Join Mary Foley, host of the EVB POWER PLUG Podcast series, as she interviews Shelly in a fun and enlightening episode.

Shelly Pereira Verance ConsultingThe internet has led to a fundamental shift in the selling process and has created a more sophisticated buyer. The salesperson used to be the main source of information and resources to solve a buyer’s problem. Now the buyer does their own research and is much more knowledgeable about the solutions available in the marketplace, how they compare with yours and who has the best pricing.

So, what does a savvy business owner need to do? You need to be prepared to have a very different conversation and find ways to bring more value to the business relationship. Be a consultant, adviser and problem solver by asking the right questions to uncover needs, move the sales conversation in the right direction and win more business.

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Shelly Pereira is a Sales Coach and Sales Trainer with Verance Consulting.