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Results-driven strategies to increase sales.

To successfully drive sales growth for your company—you must be prepared to take the sales conversation to the next level:

  • Identify your prospect’s challenges and pain points
  • Understand what they need to make a buying decision
  • Educate your buyer
  • Solve their problems
  • Provide innovative solutions

Verance Consulting employs a consultative approach to solve your unique sales challenges and teaches practical, results-driven selling skills.


Sales Consulting

Addressing Challenges to Drive Sales Performance.

Verance Consulting works with business owners to identify the challenges that impact your performance and provide actionable solutions to grow your business. We take a strategic approach to apply sales best practices, implement a consistent sales process, manage the sales pipeline and explore new opportunities for growth. In addition, Verance Consulting works with your sales team to identify gaps in selling skills, provide training, coaching and support to drive sales results.

Verance Consulting Approach:

  • Identify your sales challenges
  • Develop a consistent and repeatable sales process
  • Implement sales best practices
  • Implement CRM customized to your sales process
  • Identify your ideal client
  • Sales templates and resources
  • Manage sales pipeline and create performance metrics
  • Evaluate current sales team
  • Identify new sales opportunities
  • Provide sales coaching, training and accountability
  • Increase sales performance and results

Companies with a formal sales process win 48% more, and have sales cycles that are 37% shorter.

—Sales Benchmark Index


48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect.

—CSO Insights

Shelly Pereira has been a tremendous asset to our real estate business over the last year. She has been instrumental in helping Real Property Management: Richmond Metro meet and surpass our goals. Her insights and sales coaching have helped streamline our sales process and, in return, we are closing more deals. I highly recommend any business owner or salesperson reach out to her. You will not be disappointed!

Ralph Reahard

Business Owner & Property Manager, Real Property Management: Richmond Metro

sales-coachingSales Coaching

One-on-one attention to maximize performance.

You have the potential to be a top performer and may need sales coaching to propel you to the next level. Using a focused coaching approach, Verance Consulting will transform you into one of the best players on your team. You will see an increase in sales growth more quickly than working to improve your skills on your own.

Verance Consulting begins with an understanding of your key strengths and weaknesses, product knowledge, ability to generate new business, skill in penetrating existing accounts, ability to build long-term relationships and sales presentation skills. We also uncover the obstacles that may be keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Our Approach

  • Set goals
  • Address gaps in sales skills
  • Prospecting and business development
  • Teach you how to have a more effective sales conversation
  • Provide training in the field
  • Accountability partner
  • Cultivate a winning mindset


Effective sales coaching can dramatically improve the performance of a sales team—in some cases driving up revenues by 20% or more.

—Sales Readiness Group

Shelly Pereira is a godsend for those who don’t like to sell! While I am happy to network and speak to groups to help educate them about my industry, I loathe the idea of managing a sales pipeline. Part of Shelly’s skill is finding ways to promote my business that work with my personality and values. Additionally, given my tendency to defer any type of sales activities, having her as my sales coach gives me the gentle nudge needed to make sure I am staying on track to meet my goals. If you are asking yourself, “Do I need a sales coach?” it’s likely that you do. I highly recommend working with Shelly. She is professional, discerning, and will gently nudge you along in a way that works for you to make sure you meet your goals.

Roberta Keller

Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Alexis Advisors, LLC

icon-trainingSales Training

Increase performance to deliver real results.

Verance Consulting provides comprehensive sales training customized to your unique challenges. Our innovative approach will teach sales representatives how to more effectively identify clients’ needs, improve their sales presentation skills and close more sales.

Verance Consulting provides sales training in several key areas:

  • Consultative selling skills
  • Key account growth
  • New business development
  • Networking, prospecting and developing strategic partners
  • Building long-term client relationships
  • Sales presentations, needs analysis, managing objections and asking for the business
  • Understanding the mental challenges that can affect salespeople, such as fear of rejection, lack of motivation and confidence
  • Follow-up and nurturing


87% of sales professionals don’t feel adequately prepared for sales calls. And, 66% of customers are turned off by sales presentations.


Shelly Pereira has a very special way of connecting with people. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She is great at asking all the right questions to help you see your own strengths and opportunities for improvement. Shelly is a terrific coach and mentor and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her over the last several months. For the first time in my career, I am performing at state target and I am currently the top producer in my office.  If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Shelly!

Kristi Hammond

Insurance Agent, Liberty Mutual

icon-trainingCRM & Marketing Automation

Shorten the Sales Cycle and Increase Revenues

Do you waste time making cold calls instead of contacting qualified leads who are:

  • Aware of your brand,
  • Educated about your product or service, and
  • Currently in the decision making process?

Attracting your ideal customer is one of the secrets to keeping your sales pipeline full. Your potential customer is driving the buying process, which is a change many companies are still struggling with. It very difficult to manage your contacts, attract the right leads and cultivate them without CRM or marketing automation technology. Small business sales and marketing automation solutions can deliver targeted campaigns to reach the right lead with the right message at the right time in the buying cycle.

Are you are struggling to reach your ideal customer, engage them, show them you understand their business challenges and how your solution can effectively meet their needs?

Verance Consulting can help you:

  • Choose a CRM or marketing automation solution that meets your needs
  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Determine and map your sales process
  • Develop a lead generation program
  • Automate sales & marketing functions
  • Create a lead nurturing campaign strategy
  • Have an effective sales conversation
  • Generate sales results



—Verance Consulting is a Certified Hatchbuck Partner

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